Airport Code: KEST // Unicom: 122.80 // Phone: 712-362-2761

Estherville Aviation

Welcome to Estherville Aviation. We are a small, family owned and operated fixed base operation (FBO) located at the Estherville, Iowa airport in Northwest Iowa.  The Estherville airport, KEST, is located 3 miles east of Estherville on highway 9, 15 miles east of the Iowa Great Lakes Region and Okoboji.

AirNav Information

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Estherville Weather




Available data for KEST from the past 6 hours
KEST 260252Z AUTO 30010G24KT 9SM -RA SCT060 OVC080 13/09 A3019 RMK AO2 PK WND 35026/0242 RAB27 SLP225 P0001 60001 T01330094 55002

02:52 UTC

Wind: 300° 10kt

Visibility: 9 SM

Sky: SCT 6000 ft

Temp: 13 deg C / 55.4 deg F

Dewpoint: 9 deg C / 48.2 deg F

Pressure: 30.19 inHg

Pireps (3)
MSP UA /OV MSP180040/TM 0210/FL125/TP E75S/TA M06/IC LGT RIME 125-095/RM DURGD
MXO UA /OV 4D8-DBQ270014 /TM 2342 /FL090 /TP C182 /TB NEG
BDH UA /OV BDH340015/TM 2215/FL070/TP TBM8/SK BASE070/TA M01/IC LGT MX 090-120

Estherville Fuel Prices

Fuel Type  Self-Serve Price
 JET A w/ Add  $3.50
100LL $4.05

Aeronautical Charts

Authorized Service Centers

Estherville Aviation is an authorized service center for Cirrus, Rotax, Remos and Flight Design brands.